Produce market tour to connect small farmers with wholesale buyers

Oct 29 from 07:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Sacramento and San Francisco

It’s not easy for a farmer who is used to selling direct at farmers markets, a roadside stand, or to a processor to make the big step into selling boxed and labeled product to a wholesale buyer. Yet these buyers really want to meet small farmers so they can serve the rapidly expanding market for locally grown food. The University of California Cooperative Extension offices in Sacramento, along with ASI at UC Davis are planning to connect these farmers and buyers from the San Francisco Bay Area during a bus tour on Tuesday October 29.

This "Workshop on Wheels" is a great opportunity for farmers to connect with produce buyers to:

  • Learn about different types of produce buyers in the San Francisco area including an independent retailer who buys direct as well as a foodservice/restaurant buyer
  • Learn what buyers expect regarding pack and grade, food safety, and terms of sale
  • Learn about credit and loan opportunities
  • Make connections with bay area produce buyers and learn to make good-value propositions to buyers

Farmers who want to join the bus tour need to pre-register by contacting UC Cooperative Extension at (916) 875-6913 or sending an e-mail to [email protected]

The day long tour will leave UC Cooperative Extension in Sacramento at dawn, pick up more growers on in Vacaville on the way to San Francisco, then tour the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market and see different kinds of buyers in the area.

An additional tour for Monterey area farmers is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5. 

 For more information:

  • Chuck Ingeles UC Cooperative Extension Sacramento County (916) 875-6527, [email protected]

  • David Visher, UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute, (530) 758-2429, [email protected] 

  • Gail Feenstra, UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute, (530) 752-8408, [email protected]