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Nicole Tautges

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Nicole Tautges

Research Manager, Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility

PES Building 3314, One Shields Ave
Davis , CA 95616


Nicole is a cropping systems specialist who joined the Russell Ranch team in late 2017 to contribute to data collection, management, and analysis; to disseminate Russell Ranch research findings through peer-reviewed journal articles and outreach materials, and to contribute to grant development. Nicole also helps coordinate research with the extensive network of University of California and industry researchers who come to Russell Ranch to conduct research in the facility's unique long-term agroecosystems. 

Nicole grew up in southern WI and consequently has a deeply instilled love for all things dairy. She double-majored in Agronomy and Spanish at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed her PhD in Crop Science at Washington State University, where she did cropping systems research in dryland organic wheat-based systems. Nicole has conducted on-the-ground agricultural research in wheat, corn, beans, forage, and grazing systems, as well as working with Kernza, a new perennial grain crop. Nicole's research is focused on cropping system diversification, organic agriculture practices, and investigating linkages between soil microbial community characteristics and agroecosystem functions.

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One Shields Drive
UC Davis
Davis, CA

(530) 752-3915