23 years of data collection and counting

Our goal is to collect and analyze data on Mediterranean agricultural systems for 100 years.

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About Russell Ranch

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The Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility is a unique 300-acre facility near the UC Davis campus dedicated to investigating irrigated and dry-land agriculture in a Mediterranean climate. It’s also a unit of the Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI).

Among Russell Ranch’s ongoing experiments is a 100-year study referred to as the Century Experiment (formerly known as LTRAS-Long Term Research on Agricultural Sustainability), which is comprised of 72 one-acre plots. We measure the long-term impacts of crop rotation, farming systems (conventional, organic and mixed) and inputs of water, nitrogen, carbon and other elements on agricultural sustainability. Sustainability is indicated by long-term trends in yield, profitability, resource-use efficiency (such as water or energy) and environmental impacts.

We have monitored changes in crop and soil properties, greenhouse gas emissions, weed ecology and economic indicators since 1993. Russell Ranch is primarily a research facility and also supports UC Davis' extension and teaching missions by hosting field days, class field trips, undergraduate interns and graduate student research.

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Life Underground: Partnering with Soil Microbial Communities on the Farm

Tune in to this on-demand webinar from Kate Scow hosted by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. This webinar focuses on the challenges and benefits of managing soil biology rather than relying only on chemically based systems, along with the key roles that soil microbes play in agroecosystems.

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