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Russell Ranch is a unique 300-acre "living laboratory" that is collecting and analyzing data on Mediterranean agricultural systems for 100 years

The Century Experiment

“Long-term ecological sites are ‘listening places’– places where we press our ears to the earth and strain to hear its pulse.” — H. Henry Janzen

At Russell Ranch we:

cultivate partnerships and knowledge-sharing with farmers and growers

do collaborative agroecological research to address major 21st-century agricultural challenges

monitor and measure agricultural system responses to a changing climate

collaborate with industry for the development of new agricultural technologies


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The original goal of Russell Ranch’s 100-year Century Experiment, designed in 1990 and implemented in 1993, was to investigate the effects of external inputs on the sustainability of cropping systems. Now, nearly 25 years into the experiment, some of the original questions have been answered and some of the original research priorities have been eclipsed by emerging issues. 

Read our Science Plan to learn more about how our experimental design has been changed to address current global and regional problems, to support shifting faculty research interests, and to be feasible with existing budgetary constraints.

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Life Underground: Partnering with Soil Microbial Communities on the Farm

Tune in to this on-demand webinar from Kate Scow hosted by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. This webinar focuses on the challenges and benefits of managing soil biology rather than relying only on chemically based systems, along with the key roles that soil microbes play in agroecosystems.

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