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Research Opportunities

by Zixin Lu last modified May 20, 2015 12:54 PM

Russell Ranch has many opportunities for collaborations with researchers: archives of soil and crop samples for 14 years, database with 14 years of data, and 57 research plots where tomatoes and wheat are planted (see the 10 different cropping systems here). Each plot contains 40 microplots, where research parameters can be varied without changing the yield-measuring area for the long-term experiment. Each microplot is 15 by 15 feet and the documentation of the precise treatment for each microplot over the last 14 years can be provided to you. In addition to the main plots, small plots for short-term research questions are also available.

If you are interested in working at Russell Ranch, contact Kate Scow with your project details. Please follow the research guidelines to help identify the constraints of your research project.

Figure 1: Map of a one acre plot with microplots identified. Researchers can modify conditions in the microplots, while leaving the central yield measuring area untouched for long-term data collection.

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