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Experiential Food and Agricultural Learning Internships

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Please e-mail the contact person listed in each internship description to see if positions are currently available.

Host: Apricot Lane Farms


Possible Internship(s): Landscaping Intern
Point Person: Maria

Description: “Looking for dedicated, detail oriented, full time, landscape workers. Responsibilities include, but not limited to, mowing, weed-whacking, pruning, weeding, blowing, trimming, and general upkeep of the landscapes of the whole farm as needed. This is a physically demanding job. Experience is preferred. This position is five days a week, (M-F) 7AM-5PM with 1 hour lunch break. $11-13 an hour, medical benefits and paid vacation are included in this package. References and proof of work authorization are necessary.”

 For internships, email and attach resume to email.

Host: International Rescue Committee (IRC) 


Possible Internship(s): New Roots Agricultural Program Interns
Point Person: Mark Silva

Description: “We are in the beginning phase of starting a 4 acre farm in West Sacramento and are seeking interns to assist in the program’s development. In short, the purpose of the program is to help enable refugees reestablish their ties to the agriculture by providing access to farmable land while providing them with necessary resources and trainings. The program also helps to link refugees to community gardens in the Arden area so they are able attend agriculture workshops and nutrition education lessons.

We are looking for students or recent grads who can assist with the site development of our farm, provide technical assistance to refugees, develop and lead workshops/trainings, as well as outreach to community members and organizations. If any of your students are looking to get involved, please feel free to let them know of our opportunities or mail them out on your department’s list serve.”

For internships, email

Host: Dingle Elementary

Possible Internship(s): Garden Intern
Point Person: Jessica Friedman

Description: “We actively use our school garden to make learning real!  Our creative and motivated staff utilize the garden to teach English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science content.  Utilizing their public speaking skills, our intermediate students teach the components of our school garden to the younger students.  We are always looking for adult volunteers to support the maintenance of our garden and work with our students.”
For internships, contact

Host: Salad Bowl Garden


Possible Internship(s): Garden Manager
Point Person: Carli Hambley
Website: facebook/SaladBowlGarden

Description: “We are looking for a self-motivated and responsible student comfortable in assuming a leadership role and with an interest in community gardens and food production. All majors are encouraged to apply. Please see the attached position description.”

 For internships, email

Host: Zamora Elementary

Possible Internship(s): Garden Intern
Point Person: Suzanne Falzone

Description:  Zamora's mission is to connect student work in our edible garden to their classroom instruction and to better nutrition.  Partnering with Yolo Farm to Fork and the Zamora PTA, garden leaders teach children the full seed-to-table cycle and how it thrives in a sustainable environment.By teaching children how to plant, care for, and eat from the gardens at our schools, we are empowering the next generation with the tools, appreciation, and pride of growing and eating healthful, fresh food.”
For internships, go to

Host: Say Hay Farms

Possible Internship(s): Part-time Field Crew
Point Person: Chris Hay

Description: “Say Hay Farms is a 20-acre farm in Yolo County, California.  We specialize in raising certified-organic vegetables, melons, and eggs in an ecologically sustainable, integrated manner. In our opinion, the integration of animals and vegetables is a critical component missing in modern organic agriculture. And it is easy to understand why: it requires strict planning as well as a high degree of stewardship and vigilance – seven days a week, 365 days a year, sunrise to sunset. But the results are worth it.”
                “Come Say Hay at market and taste the difference.  Support our efforts by becoming a Member of our CSA community.  Be part of a small farm with big ideas.”
For internships, go to

Host: Kate Frey Garden Designs & Consulting

Possible Internship(s): Sustainable Gardner
Point Person: Kate Frey

Description: “Kate Frey is a world class garden designer and consultant, specializing in sustainable, bio-diverse, ecological gardens and landscaping. Kate strives to create gardens that are adapted to and express the locality: its climate, soils and the biodiversity that lives in and migrates through the area.  She believes that each garden should have a goal of giving to the environment through compositions of flower filled spaces, shrubs, trees for shade and development of healthy soils- that together provide habitat for insects and birds and are vital, vibrant spaces that express joy to the viewer. Kate also consults and works with businesses and estates to develop or renovate existing landscapes to sustainable practices and greater efficiency- besides enhanced appeal to visitors. “
For internships, contact Kate at 707.272.4445 or

Host: Kern Family Farm

Possible Internship(s): WWOOFing
Point Person(s): Hansel and Sue Kern

Description: “We are a small diverse farm on the bluffs of the San Joaquin River, up the road from North Fork California.
“In farming community terms, if you’ve been farming for under ten years, you’re considered a beginner farmer. So we are still making plenty of mistakes, but we learn from each one and are passionate about creating a sustainable, productive and balanced operation. Our goal is to supply nutritious, healthy and tasty food products to our community and to stay as local as possible. We are planning on building a certified dairy so we may sell dairy products to restaurants and the public in general. Another goal is to eventually have a public store front in town.”
For internships, contact

Host: Riversong Farm and Sanctuary

Possible Internship(s): Intern
Point Person: Edwina King


Description: “Discover Riversong Sanctuary!  We are revitalizing the organic farm and forest sanctuary located on the Hood River in Oregon.  Enjoy organic vegetables, lavender, honey, flowers, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs and botanical products from our farm stand.  Come experience and be part of the transformation!”
                “To allow students to gain experience in the activities and methods used in the running of a small-scale, diversified, vegetable and herb farm. Participants will be involved in all phases of organic vegetable production and marketing.”
For internships, contact 541-354-9909 and ask for Edwina

Host: Sand Holler Farm

Possible Internship(s):
Point Person: Marissa Little

Description: “Sand Holler Farm LLC is a farmstead outside of Austin, Texas, with the primary goal to provide food products for our family and friends in a sustainable way (inputs to the farm make sense for the outputs received). Sand Holler Farm began as a way to provide the community with an educational agricultural experience.  Local agriculture is vital to the economic health of the community and it is important to educate the public by being an example of a successful farm.  The farm should be a relaxing, enjoyable place to experience the country and get your hands dirty.”
For internships, contact 512-764-2478 and ask for Marissa

Host: Free Spirit Farm

Possible Internship(s): Farm Worker
Point Person: Toby Hastings

Description: “In a creative partnership, the Center for Land-Based Learning leases land and infrastructure to Free Spirit Farm to grow produce and flowers for a 40-member CSA and over 40 restaurants in San Francisco. In exchange for a small rental fee, Free Spirit Farm provides produce for FARMS.”
For internships, contact

Host:  Center for Land-Based Learning

Possible Internship(s): Watershed Intern, Farm Intern
Point Person: N/A

Description: “Many opportunities are available with priority to SA&FS Students. These include: Caring for our Watersheds Intern-Watershed education, Program coordination and logistics, Student mentoring, Community partner engagement; California Farm Academy Intern-small-scale agriculture, specialty crops, program development; SLEWS Intern-Habitat restoration, Mentoring, and Education Program Planning; Farms Tours Intern-Outdoor & experiential education, organization, effective communication, teaching/training others, relationship-building, and children’s gardening; Free Spirit Farm Intern-on-farm management, conservation methods including soil, water, and nutrient conservation, problem solving and whole systems thinking from planning to production to marketing and sales.”
For internships, go online and find the links for each specific opportunity.

Host: The Boys and Girls Club of St. Helena

Possible Internship(s): Garden Table Intern
Point Person: Adrian Lopez

Description: “Our mission is to provide all young people a safe, positive and unique place to develop their natural talents, and to inspire them to achieve their full potential.”
                “Our programs include: Character and Leadership Development; Education and Career Development; Health and Life Skills; Sports, Recreation, and Fitness; and The Arts, Special Programs, as well as Special Events.”
For internships, contact 707-963-8944 and ask for Adrian

Host: Springfield Farm

Possible Internship(s): Farm Apprentice
Point Person: Wolfgang Rangle

Description: “We are a collective farm made up of three families—the Smiths, the Lafferty’s,  and the Webbs—in Sparks, Maryland. We practice only sustainable agricultural methods with our animals—no hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals are used. All animals are free-range during the grass growing season. We house chicken eggs, goose eggs, chicken, turkey, duck, geese, cattle, lamb, pig, and rabbits for food. All animals are treated humanely, allowed to associate with the other animals on the farm, and are cured by their sickness at first with homeopathic remedies.”
For internships, contact

Host: Schoolhouse Farm

Possible Internship(s):
Point Person(s): Lacey and Drew Grim

Description: “A farm in its second year of development located in Pleasant Garden, NC. A small farm trying to grow into something semi-sustainable where we live off the land as much as we can, and share what we've learned and are learning with anyone who's interested! The overall goal of the farm is to be a learning center for future homesteaders. We use permaculture and biodynamic practices. Our farm currently includes a small orchard, a small annul crops area, a 1.5 acre pond, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and bees. ”
  Interns check out their Facebook page

Host: One Fine Acre

Possible Internship(s):
Point Person: Maurine and Greg Brown

Description:  “A Nigerian Dwarf Goat farm located in Raleigh, NC. Located in the suburbs and housing just one acre of land, the Browns are home to 21 goats. Come learn about milking, cheese-making, and soap-making in a more urban farm area.”
For internships, contact

Host: Woodcrest Farm

Possible Internship(s):
Point Person(s): Christine and Allan Green

Description: “Our farm is a small, multi-product farm near Chapel Hill in central North Carolina, USA. We raise and sell grass-fed beef, pork, poultry & eggs, organically-raised produce, and operate a small pet-milk dairy. More importantly, we attempt to provide a real-life, educational opportunity for sustainable farming practices and rural culture and skills, like food preservation, sewing and needle crafts, and blacksmithing. This doesn't mean we avoid 21'st century technology, but we do try to use it wisely. Interns do everything from farm chores and gardening to construction and wood-splitting.”
For internships, contact

 Host: Rancho Margot

Possible Internship(s): Garden Volunteer
Point Person: Ivannia Esquivel

Description: “Unique, enchanting, and beautifully remote, Rancho Margot is a hidden gem near the Arenal Volcan and La Fortuna. Our Costa Rica eco-lodge in the rainforest is one of the country’s most exclusive getaways where boutique accommodation and farm-to-table dining go hand-in-hand with sustainable and self-sufficient practices that enhance a wholly holistic vision.”
For internships, send resume to

Host: 4L Grazing, LLC

Possible Internship(s): Intern
Point Person: Pete Ferrell

Description: A cattle ranch in Beaumont, Kansas, owned and started by Pete Farrell, who founded it in 1888 as a custom grazing business. He is a part of Ranchers Original which is a group that promises to “further a stewardship legacy through quality grass fed beef products.”
For internships, contact

Host: Sierra Harvest

Possible Internship(s): Garden Intern
Point Person: Elizabeth Laie

Description: “Sierra Harvest is an organization dedicated to education, inspiring, and connecting western Nevada County’s families to fresh, local, seasonal foods. We accomplish this by; offering farm to school meals, mentoring aspiring farmers and gardeners, celebrating our local food community, and advocating for just, sustainable food systems.”
                “Fresh food, education, and access.”
For internships, contact 530.265.2343 and ask for Elizabeth.

Host: UC Davis Arboretum

Possible Internship(s): Sustainable Horticulture Intern, Plant Propagation and Nursery Intern, GIS Collections Mapping Intern, Naturalist Intern, Arboretum Ambassador Intern
Point Person: Toby Hastings

Description: “The UC Davis Arboretum provides an ideal training ground to learn real world skills toward creating a healthier environment and a more sustainable world. Our professional staff work closely with about 50 UC Davis undergraduate and graduate student interns per year in all areas of our public gardens operations.”
For internships, contact

Host: UC Davis Arboretum

Possible Internship(s): Edible Landscaping Intern
Point Person: Stacey Parker

Description: “Edible Landscaping interns will be supported in their efforts to design and implement projects on campus through weekly meetings and workshops aimed at providing and developing hands-on experience with horticultural and leadership skills. Training will include topics such as composting, propagation, planting & transplanting, garden design, permaculture techniques, strategic planning & visioning, budget development and tracking, marketing, and team dynamics. Interns will also be responsible for independently managing a portion of their time each week developing and implementing design recommendations for their particular project sites. Possible student project locations include but are not limited to: PES Salad Bowl Garden, The Domes, EC Community Gardens, The Tri-Coops Gardens, Student Health & Wellness Center, or The UC Davis Bee Sanctuary.
“We will have 1-2 hour weekly meetings each quarter designed to provide interns with skills training and discussion opportunities. Interns will also work independently on their specific project sites each week for 2-5 hours. Fall quarter will be generally focused on training interns and providing them with background information on horticulture techniques and project implementation strategies, Winter quarter will be focused on developing and designing project ideas, and Spring quarter will be focused on project implementation and follow through. Scheduling of the internship sessions will be determined based on the majority of applicants’ availability.  Interns can earn 1-2 units of academic credit each quarter through their own faculty sponsor or the Environmental Horticulture program.”

 For internships, fill out this application: and send to Stacey Parker at, 530.754.8337

Host: Hedgerow Farms

Possible Internship(s): Nursery and Habitat Intern
Point Person: Jeff Quiter

Description: “Hedgerow Farms specializes in producing high quality seed of origin-known California native grasses, forbs, sedges and rushes. We offer single species, custom seed mixes, plug transplants and native grass straw. We are currently developing several species mixtures for various applications. Our seed and plants are used in habitat restoration projects, agricultural revegetation projects, for erosion control and urban and rural landscaping.” 
For internships, contact Jeff at

Host: Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms

Possible Internship(s): Mushroom Cultivator Intern
Point Person: Roxana Walker
or check them out on Facebook:
Description: Check out this video :
For internships, contact Roxana at 916.668.4754

Host: Napa Valley Fungi

Possible Internship(s): Mycology Educational Intern
Point Person: Stephanie Jarvis
Or check them out on Facebook
Description: “Napa Valley Fungi is a consulting arborist, focused on growing mushrooms using recycled waste products from wine country.”
For internships, contact Stephanie at

Host: Student Farm

Possible Internship(s): Market Garden Intern, Ecological Garden Intern, Shop Intern
Point Person(s): Mark van Horn, Carol Hillhouse, Raoul Adamchak, Jason Graff

Description: “The Student Farm at UC Davis centers around three principles: a focus on sustainable agriculture principles and practices, an emphasis on in-field, experiential learning, and the encouragement of student initiative, creativity, and exploration. The Student Farm offers a wide range of opportunities for students to learn about and explore the many aspects of sustainable agriculture. These opportunities include internships, formal courses and research projects.”
For internships, take a Student Farm Tour and then fill out this form

Host: UC Davis Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Bee Research Facility

Possible Internship(s): Garden Volunteer
Point Person: Billy Synk
Website: http://

Description: The Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility on Bee Biology Road, University of California, Davis, is the largest and most comprehensive state‐supported apiculture facility in North America and the only one in California. We provide leading cutting‐edge research focusing on basic bee biology and genetics. We address international concerns about bee health, and meet the needs of California’s multibillion dollar agricultural industry. Our expertise includes honey bee breeding and genetics, and native bee biology. We are uniquely qualified to investigate declining populations of honey bees, native bees and other insect pollinators and to provide solutions.
For internships and volunteer opportunities at the associated Bee Haven, contact
and check them out on Facebook

Host: Beef Cattle Facilities (Beef Barn)

Possible Internship(s): Feed Lot Management Intern
Point Person: James Moller

Description: “The Animal Science Department maintains two main cattle facilities on the UC Davis Campus. The feedlot is primarily used for research and teaching pertaining to the feedlot industry. Research in nutrition, immunology, animal behavior and ruminant physiology is carried out by faculty of the Animal Science department, Veterinary Medicine Teaching hospital, California Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and the Department of Agronomy.
Those interested in interning should take the Animal Science Beef Cattle Lab (ANS 49B) and then speak directly with the feed lot manager.

Host: Soil Born Farms

Possible Internship(s): Farming Apprenticeship Year One/Year Two
Point Person: Elle Huftill-Balzer

Description: “Soil Born Farms offers a unique apprenticeship in sustainable agriculture on an urban community farm. Through a combination of hands-on field work, formal classes, field trips and reading discussion, this intensive experiential education aims to train the next generation of organic farmers in the Sacramento area. The farming apprenticeship also provides a valuable foundation for those interested in working to address issues of food security, social justice, and public health.”
“The first year apprenticeship is an eight month-long, full-time position, from March through October. During the first year, apprentices are exposed to all aspects of food production. They learn about propagation, irrigation, soil management, harvesting, marketing and many other associated skills through a combination of hands-on field work and structured classes. Although most of the time is spent working directly with food production, apprentices also have the opportunity to work within the context of Soil Born Farms’ Education and Food Access programs. This blend of technical training, experiential field work, and community engagement makes our program a unique and powerful experience for all participants.”
For internships, applicants should arrange a farm visit, with the chance to volunteer for a portion of the work day in November or December. Contact Elle Huftill-Balzer at  to arrange a time to volunteer with the farm crew

Host: Lodi Winegrape Commission

Possible Internship(s): Sustainable Viticulture Intern
Point Person: Matthew Hoffman

Description: “The internship will involve working with Commission staff to develop and implement a new outreach program that would educate and support Lodi interested in becoming more involved with the Lodi Rules. Examples of work an intern can expect to do include educating wineries on how to integrate the concept of sustainability into their branding and marketing, training tasting room staff on communicating the meaning and importance of certification to customers, supporting winery staff on managing the wine chain of custody process necessary for differentiating certified and uncertified wine, developing print and digital outreach materials, and organizing outreach meetings. There is of course room for interns to customize the position to fit their own unique interests and talents. In addition to doing what it takes to get the job done, we want our interns contribute to the creative process of designing this new outreach program.”
For internships, contact Matthew Hoffman at with resume and cover letter expressing interest in the internship

Host: River School Farm

Possible Internship(s): Farming Intern
Point Person: Monique Monteverde, Director

Description: “The River School Farm demonstrates a holistic approach to sustainable living, bioregional design and creative expression. We grow fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs and we raise poultry, goats and keep bees. Our space serves as a venue for community events, weddings, performances and we also host a variety of classes and workshops on a regular basis. Our farming operations run year round utilizing hoop houses, low tunnels, and row covers in the colder months. We grow on our farm on site and also develop and maintain other garden sites throughout the community. We also manage a CSA program and sell a variety of value added products to the community. “
“The River School Farm internship is designed to build skills and knowledge in the practice of deep organic bio-intensive agriculture and sustainable living. Interns will be exposed to a variety of different tasks in our farm and garden operations, educational programs, special events and as residents of the River School Farm community. We have a lot of things going on here at RSF and try to give interns the opportunity to be involved in many of our different operations while also accommodating the specific areas of interest the intern would like to focus on. We ask each intern to design, plan and execute an internship project during their time at RSF.”
For internships, understand that this is a full time position, with 40 hours required weekly. Internship housing consists of a private room with shared bathroom and kitchen. 2 meals/day are provided Monday-Friday along with access to fresh garden produce. Weekly stipend is $80/week.  Send your resume and 2 references to

Host: Tomales Dairy

Possible Internship(s): Farm Intern
Point Person: Carey Sweet
Website: Check them out on Facebook at

Description: A no-kill buffalo dairy farm located in Tomales, California (just east of Petaluma and north of Oakland).
                “Inspired by the highly prized Italian mozzarella di bufala, Craig Ramini and wife Audrey make fresh mozzarella from water buffalo milk in Tomales, CA.”
For internships, contact Carey Sweet at or Audrey Hitchcock at

Host:  New Roots

Possible Internship(s): Garden Intern
Point Person: Mark Silva, Internship Coordinator

Description: “The New Roots program at IRC is an initiative to support nutrition, food security, gardening, enterprise, and production activities within the US network of IRC offices so that resettled refugees are empowered to be self-sufficient and lead healthy lives.  This spring, the IRC in Sacramento will be launching its first New Roots Garden in the Sacramento Area. As the program develops, the New Roots Gardening intern will assist IRC staff to expand the size and the scope of garden, the growing and maintenance of the garden and serve as a liaison between IRC growers and local community.  The person applying for this internship will be expected to make a six month commitment and keep a reliable, weekly, garden and office visitation schedule.”

For internships, submit a résumé and cover letter to Mark Silva at

Host: Springfed Organic Farm and Nursery

Possible Internship(s): Farm and Nusery Intern
Point Person: Wolfgang Rougle

Description: “Springfed Organic Farm and Nursery, in Cottonwood, CA, is a remote, off-grid, solar-powered, certified organic farm, in the oak woodland zone about 150 miles north of Davis. Started in 2005 by UCD alumna, Springfed is a good example of the “one woman, one rototiller” mode of market gardening.  This is a woman-owned business and women are especially encouraged to apply.”
“Interns will participate in all aspects of the farm including: a certified organic market garden (about half an acre), which supplies the Redding farmer’s market and a 15-share winter CSA;  a certified organic nursery specializing in perennial vegetables and medicinal herbs (over 50 spp.); basic jane-of-all-trades homestead work, from plumbing to wiring to carpentry to stretching fence.”
For internships, contact Wolfgang Rougle at or 530.721.0164 “with a brief or lengthy letter (email) describing your farming experiences so far, what you hope to learn through this internship, and what time frame you think you’d like to work. Please also explain which is your favorite organism found on a farm, and why.”

Host: Global Student Embassy (GSE)

Possible Internship(s): Garden Intern in Nicaragua
Point Person: Emma Lee

Description: “GSE has strong ties with Clinica Verde, an environmentally sustainable womens’ and childrens’ clinic in Boaco Nicaragua.  GSE along with a dedicated group of recently graduated Davis students have helped to develop and implement a biointensive teaching garden next to the clinic. The purpose of this project is provide a preventative and holistic approach to wellness while bringing food and sustainable agriculture right to the center of the conversation.”
“This biointensive farm is used primarily as a teaching tool for the surrounding community to learn about planning, growing, and cultivating produce with the intent that they will utilize this knowledge to enhance their own gardening methods at home. As this project has grown, it has also managed to include the involvement of many local high school and university students who come out regularly to work on the gardens and get hands on experience in organic agriculture.”
“This coming spring break, GSE will be taking a group of Davis students to help further develop the biointensive farm at Clinica Verde.  I had the opportunity to visit and work at Clinica Verde last spring break and it was such a worthwhile experience- both enriching and eye-opening.”
For internships, contact Emma Lee at

Host: Sankanac CSA 

Possible Internship(s): Garden and Farm Intern
Point Person: Craig Brown, Admissions Coordinator

Description: “Located about thirty miles west of Philadelphia, our 200-member CSA is part of an intentional community, Camphill Kimberton Hills. We are oriented around sustainable agriculture and providing services to adults with developmental disabilities. Each summer we bring on two full time interns to work in vegetable garden.”
“Interns assist in all aspects of the garden as well as participating in one of the community houses. Unique opportunities exist for interns on our farm as we integrate tractors and draft horses into our regular work, as well as working with a crew of village members with disabilities.”
For internships, contact Craig Brown at .

Host: Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center

Possible Internship(s): School Garden Assistant
Point Person: Todd McPherson

Description: Are you interested creating local, sustainable food systems and inspiring the next generation of food activists?!
Join the Sac Chinese School Garden Team this semester and get right to work (re)building school gardens, introducing local youth the joy and power that lies in growing their own food, and educating them on the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of the 27 schools that the Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center works with have school gardens in varying degrees of neglect and disrepair. We need your help to rebuild, maintain, and turn these "eyesores" from neglected dumping grounds to vibrant outdoor classrooms and thriving sources of health for our youth.
Area of focus: School Gardens, Urban Agriculture, Food System Development, and Youth Education.  
Skills desired: Experience with sustainable agriculture, on either a garden or farm scale; understanding and knowledge of sustainable foods systems and relevant issues such as food access and food security; strong desire to work with urban youth in an outdoor educational capacity
Skills to be developed: basic garden management skills (irrigation, soil development, planting/harvest schedules etc.); youth coordination and leadership skills; teaching experience in both traditional classroom and non-traditional outdoor, hands on setting.  
For internships, contact Todd McPherson at with a resume and a brief description (one paragraph) describing why you are interested in being involved. Also please indicate if you are interested more in the farming/gardening aspect, the teaching aspect, or both equally.

Host: Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center

Possible Internship(s): School Garden Assistant
Point Person: Todd McPherson

Description: Are you interested creating local, sustainable food systems and inspiring the next generation of food activists?!
Join the Sac Chinese School Garden Team this semester and get right to work (re)building school gardens, introducing local youth the joy and power that lies in growing their own food, and educating them on the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of the 27 schools that the Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center works with have school gardens in varying degrees of neglect and disrepair. We need your help to rebuild, maintain, and turn these "eyesores" from neglected dumping grounds to vibrant outdoor classrooms and thriving sources of health for our youth.
Area of focus: School Gardens, Urban Agriculture, Food System Development, and Youth Education.  
Skills desired: Experience with sustainable agriculture, on either a garden or farm scale; understanding and knowledge of sustainable foods systems and relevant issues such as food access and food security; strong desire to work with urban youth in an outdoor educational capacity
Skills to be developed: basic garden management skills (irrigation, soil development, planting/harvest schedules etc.); youth coordination and leadership skills; teaching experience in both traditional classroom and non-traditional outdoor, hands on setting.  
For internships, contact Todd McPherson at with a resume and a brief description (one paragraph) describing why you are interested in being involved. Also please indicate if you are interested more in the farming/gardening aspect, the teaching aspect, or both equally.

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