Carol Hillhouse


Position Title
Associate Director

  • Student Farm
Carol Hillhouse has managed the Ecological Garden at the UC Davis Student Farm and directed the UC Davis School Gardening Program since 1991. Her work addresses our understanding of agriculture and our food system by facilitating rich gardening experiences for learners of all ages.  With an increasingly urban population, one of the best ways that Californian’s can relate to agriculture is through access to gardens.   This can impact nutrition, health, awareness and stewardship of our natural resources, as well as commitment to agricultural practices.  Hillhouse works with a team to teach ecological horticulture to interns and volunteers through maintaining the garden site used for field trips and tours at the Student Farm.  She has worked around the state to support efforts to develop and use school gardens with support from the California Dept. of Education and California Department of Food and Agriculture.  She has connected garden programs to school cafeterias and to our food systems in general.  Other current interests and endeavors include seed saving and guiding leadership development in a garden/farm context.  Ms. Hillhouse received her B.S. at CornellUniversityin Plant Science and her M.S. at UC Davis in Crop Production.  She also received excellent training from CA farmers during 3 years that she worked as an inspector for California Certified Organic Farmers.  She receives ongoing instruction from UCD students and school teachers that she works with and from the garden ecosystem where she works.  “Gardening connects us to the food that we eat and the soil beneath our feet.”  (jch)