Katharina Ullmann


Position Title

  • Student Farm
Bowley Hall Student Farm
Katharina Ullmann has a PhD in Entomology from the University of California, Davis and eleven years of experience working in sustainable agriculture, research, and education with multiple partners in North America and Europe. Prior to this position Katharina was the National Crop Pollination Specialist with the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, where she lead outreach and extension efforts associated with the Integrated Crop Pollination Project (www.projecticp.org). As part of this project, Katharina collaborated with a national team of research partners representing eight institutions to develop practical management tools that farmers can use to ensure crop pollination. Katharina’s research experience includes developing and testing citizen science training guides and identifying and testing farm management practices that support pollinators (e.g. hedgerows, wildflower strips, crop rotation practices, and tillage practices). Katharina has thirteen years of experience in outreach, extension and education. This includes three years working as an environmental educator focused on experiential and place-based learning. Katharina’s career began on small farms in Austria (one year) and the United States (five growing seasons) focused on mixed vegetable and livestock production. During those formative years, working with and learning from farmers, she developed a strong interest in sustainable agriculture, knowledge exchange and experiential learning. In her new role as the Director of the UC Davis Student Farm, Katharina is excited to work with the Student Farm community to build upon the Student Farm’s forty year history and ensure that it remains a leader in sustainable agriculture and food systems education.