Agroecological Research



Since 1994, the Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility has hosted an Annual Field Day to share research findings related to pressing topics in California agriculture. Field days feature tours of Russell Ranch, in-field presentations of research projects, panel discussions with growers, and a poster session to learn about the variety of research and outreach on the year's topic.

Visit the pages below to find presentations and handouts from our previous field days.

2019 Field day: More than Yield: Exploring the Full Potential of our Agroecosystems

2018 Field Day: Increasing Farm Resilience Through Healthy Soils & Water Management

2017 Field Day: Seeing the Field for the Crops: Innovations in Data Integration for Ag Management

2016 Field Day: Farm water management in times of scarcity

2015 Field Day: Nitrogen through soil, space, and time

2014 Field Day: Soil matters

2013 Field Day: Harnessing technology for agriculture

2012 Field Day: Nitrogen, water, and climate change

2011 Field Day: Biodiversity in agriculture