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Field Day 2015

Field day 2015

The Russell Ranch field day took place on Thursday May 21, 2015 with the theme "Nitrogen through soil, space and time - Using tools to improve N cycling." Topics on nitrogen mineralization, leaching, remote sensing, state-wide assessments and soil amendments like compost, nitrification inhibitors and biochar were presented and discussed.  A farmer panel featuring Bruce Rominger, Mike Turkovich and Tom Willey, and moderated by SAREP's Sonja Brodt, discussed on-farm approaches to sustainable nitrogen cycling and current nitrogen budgeting approaches. To learn more about the field day, click on the handouts and presentations below.


Thomas P. Tomich (Director, Agricultural Sustainability Institute, W.K. Kellogg Endowed Chair in Sustainable Food Systems): Is nitrogen the next carbon? Insights from the California Nitrogen Assessment Tomich presentation 2015 ; Tomich handout 2015

Field presentations


Nitrogen mineralization and leaching in agriculture

Jordan Wade (Graduate student, LAWR): Can we predict seasonal N mineralization from soil respiration upon rewetting? Wade handout 2015

Matt Dumlao (Post-doc, LAWR): Winter cover crops and nitrate leaching: combining field measurements with modeling to study the effects Dumlao handout 2015

Using field-based tools for nitrogen management

Will Horwath (Professor, LAWR):  How should we assess pre-plant soil nitrate in drip-irrigated tomatoes? Horwath handout 2015

Mark Lundy (UCCE Farm Advisor): Using in-field sensing tools to guide site-specific, real-time N management in Sacramento Valley wheat Lundy handout 2015

Managing nitrogen with soil amendments

Radomir Schmidt (Post-doc, LAWR): Effect of nitrification inhibitors on soil microbial communities in two California Soils

Deirdre Griffin and Daoyuan Wang (Graduate student and visiting scholar, LAWR): How does biochar impact nutrient cycling? Potential effects on nitrogen availability, soil structure, and yields

Gene Miyao (Yolo County Cooperative Extension, Farm Advisor): Evaluation of composted poultry manure on processing tomato production Miyao handout 2015

Amelie Gaudin (Assistant professor, Plant Sciences):  Cover crops and integrated nitrogen management

Nitrogen predictions, remote-sensing and modeling  

Tim Hartz (UCCE Extension Specialist, Plant Sciences): Predicting N sufficiency in organic processing tomatoes from post-transplanting soil N sampling Hartz presentation 2015

Darren Drewry (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory): NASA Airborne Remote Sensing for Agricultural Monitoring Drewry presentation 2015

Daniel Geisseler (Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist, LAWR):  Optimizing Nutrient Management – Tools and Approaches Geisseler presentation 2015Geisseler handout 2015

Bruce Houdesheldt (Director of Regulatory Affairs, Northern California Water Association): Where did it go? When did it get there? Grower requirements for nitrogen management planning Houdesheldt presentation 2015Houdesheldt flyer


Poster presentations

Bibiana Molinos (Junior specialist, Agricultural Sustainability Institute): Application of Biodigestor Products in Agriculture Molinos poster 2015

Teresa Carrillo-Cobo (Post-doctoral fellow, Agricultural Sustainability Institute): Agricultural Water Management Improvement at Russell Ranch Carrillo poster 2015

Gabriel Maltais Landry (Graduate student, Biology, Stanford University): Phosphorus budgets in four irrigated grain-tomato systems Maltais poster 2015

Edalati, Abdolhossein (Graduate student, Biological and Agricultural Engineering): Production of high value fertilizer products from anaerobic digestate Edalati poster 2015

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