Agroecological Research

Seeing the Field for the Crops: Innovations in Data Integration for Ag Management

Poster for field day 2017With development of real-time sensors, satellite and drone-based monitoring, metagenomics and other technologies, it is becoming easier to collect large amounts

of data about agricultural systems. The next challenge is to pull together these data sets into frameworks that can integrate these disparate bodies of knowledge and translate findings to support choices farmer make.

At this year's Field Day we presented research on tools for converting data into practice, field studies using tools that connect different types of data, and new advances in remote sensing technologies. We also shared some new findings in soil, water, fertility and pest management.


STOP 1: Farming Systems

Abdolhossein Edalati and Tyler Barzee:  “Sustainable Biofertilizer Production from Anaerobically Digested Organic Wastes”

Mark Lundy:  “Is there agronomic potential for perennial grain production in CA?” Mark Lundy Handout

Deirdre Griffin:  “Putting an economic value on cover crops: Impacts on profitability and soil quality in a conventional tomato system” Deirdre Griffin Handout

STOP 2: Soil and Plant Health

Amelie Gaudin:  “Next generation IPM: from soil health to plant health” Amelie Gaudin Handout

William Horwath:  “Reinventing soil health" William Horwath Handout

Jessica Chiartas: “Peering into the Depths: Impacts of 20 years of management on soil carbon sequestration throughout the soil profile”

STOP 3: Irrigation and Remote Sensing

Daniele Zaccaria and Daniel Putnam:  "Considerations on water and energy footprints of alfalfa production under border check and sub-surface drip irrigation" Daniele Zaccaria Handout

Yufang Jin:   “Consumptive water use mapping with remote sensing techniques ” w/Drone demonstration Yufang Jin Handout



Robert Hijmans: “The use of drones for crop monitoring”

Alison Marklein: “Insights and opportunities from modeling tomato production systems”

Gerardo Rivera:  “Russell Ranch Validation site for Land Surface Temperature Measurements and NASA’s ECOSTRESS program” Gerardo Rivera Handout



Deirdre E. Griffin, Daoyuan Wang, Kate M. Scow and Sanjai J. Parikh. Effects of Biochar on Soil Microbial Communities and Nitrogen Cycling in Two California Nutrient Management Systems.

Jennifer Schmidt: Comparison of drip and furrow irrigation effects on soil health of processing tomato

Rad Schmidt: Energy flow through agricultural systems

Daoyuan Wang: Integrated fertility management: impacts of cover crops plus synthetic fertilizers on processing tomatoes

S.C Yang: UC Consortium for drought and carbon management S.C Yang Poster

Radomir Schmidt: Analysis of Cornell Soil Health Index Data for Corn/Tomato Plots at Russell Ranch Radomir Schmidt Poster