Publications about Russell Ranch research are available on a variety of topics. All of our publications are stored in the Agricultural Sustainability Institute’s publications database. 

To access publications, follow this link:

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Publications can be sorted by the categories listed of the left side of the page, or can be searched using the search bar at the top of the page.

Publications that provide an overview of Russell Ranch

Denison, R.F., and R. Russotti. 1997. Field estimates of green leaf area index using laser-induced chlorophyll fluorescence. Field Crops Res. 52:143-150.  Pdf

Denison R.F., R. Miller, D.C. Bryant, A. Abshahi, W. Wildman. 1996. Image processing extracts more information from color infrared aerial photos. Calif Agr 50(3):9-13. Pdf

Denison, R.F., D.C. Bryant, and T.E. Kearny. 2004. Crop yields over the first nine years of LTRAS, a long-term comparison of field crop systems in a Mediterranean climate. Field Crops Research 86:267-277.  Pdf

Kaffka. S., D. Bryant and F. Denison. 2005. Comparisons of organic and conventional maize and tomato cropping systems from a long-term experiment in California. Paper at: Researching Sustainable Systems- International Scientific Conference on Organic Agriculture, Adelaide, Australia, Sept. 21-23, 2005. [Unpublished] Pdf

Martini, E.A, J.S. Buyer, D.C. Bryant, T.K. Hartz, R.F. Denison. 2003. Yield increases during the organic transition: improving soil quality or increasing experience? Field Crops Research 86:255-266.  Pdf

McGuire, A.M., D.C. Bryant, and R.F. Denison. 1998. Wheat yields, nitrogen uptake, and soil moisture following winter legume cover crop vs. fallow. Agron. J. 90:404-410.  Pdf


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