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Welcome to UC SAREP, a program of UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

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Healthy agriculture and food systems are fundamental to our quality of life in California. We’re committed to strengthening California’s agriculture by advancing knowledge of the science of sustainability, supporting farmers and ranchers working to develop more sustainable agricultural practices, and assisting communities in building strong and healthy regional food systems. UC SAREP is a Statewide Program of UC Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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Get helpful tips on how to sell your produce wholesale

Small scale and beginning farmers are often looking for new ways to sell their produce and break into new markets. Learn a few tips on how to sell wholesale at certified farmer's markets from a Santa Monica Farmer's Market buyer and the market's manager. For more information on starting to sell wholesale and increase your sales, visit here.



Aug 10, 2017 A new network of food hubs looks past competition to help each other succeed

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When I come here, I'm free: youth voices on urban agriculture

Hear from youth about what they value in urban agriculture, and what some of their challenges are for success.  UC SAREP partnered with urban agriculture programs around California to help connect these programs with people at the UC in growing efforts to meet the needs of urban agriculture programs. 


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