The California Nitrogen Assessment (CNA) is the first comprehensive account of nitrogen flows, practices, and policies for California, encompassing all nitrogen flows—not just those associated with agriculture—and their impacts on ecosystem services and human wellbeing. How California handles issues of nitrogen will be of interest nationally and internationally, and the goal of the assessment is to link science with action and to produce information that affects both future policy and solutions for addressing nitrogen pollution. The CNA also provides a model for application of integrated ecosystem assessment methods at regional and state (subnational) levels.

The CNA underwent rigorous scientific review and stakeholder review stages, which concluded in June 2015.

The book The California Nitrogen Assessment: Challenges and Solutions for People, Agriculture, and the Environment was published by University of California Press in June 2016 and is available for order in print or e-book here.

An Executive Summary of the CNA is available for free download here.

View a webinar introducing the CNA here.

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Main Messages from the California Nitrogen Assessment

Each chapter of the California Nitrogen Assessment: Challenges and Solutions for People, Agriculture, and the Environment opens with a summary titled "What is this chapter about?" and a collection of the chapter's main messages, compiled by the chapter authors to assist readers in navigating the material of the book. These summaries and main messages were included in the Assessment's scientific and stakeholder review processes. Explore each chapter's summary and main messages below.

Chapter 1: Introducing the California Nitrogen Assessment

Chapter 2: Underlying Drivers of Nitrogen Flows in California

Chapter 3: Direct Drivers of California's Nitrogen Cycle

Chapter 4: A California Nitrogen Mass Balance for 2005

Chapter 5: Ecosystem Services and Human Well-being

Chapter 6: Scenarios for the Future of Nitrogen Management in California agriculture

Chapter 7: Responses: Technologies and Practices

Chapter 8: Responses: Policies and Institutions