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Programs at ASI

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Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis is home to number of programs, each with a unique focus, but all working towards building healthy agriculture and healthy communities.
  • Student Farm

    We are a community where students work to create, maintain and explore sustainable food systems. At the farm, students grow in many ways, learning from seasoned field-based educators, from their peers and from themselves. They come to understand sustainability through the soils, crops, climate and community in which they work. In the process, they gain the systems-based thinking and doing skills needed to make a positive difference in today’s world.

  • Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility

    The Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility is a unique 300-acre facility near the UC Davis campus dedicated to investigating irrigated and dry-land agriculture in a Mediterranean climate. We have monitored changes in crop and soil properties, greenhouse gas emissions, weed ecology and economic indicators since 1993. Russell Ranch is primarily a research facility and also supports UC Davis' extension and teaching missions by hosting field days, class field trips, undergraduate interns and graduate student research

  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Major

    Students majoring in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (SA&FS) focus on the social, economic and environmental aspects of food and agriculture - from farm to table and beyond.  The program is designed to help students obtain a diversity of knowledge and skills, both in the classroom and through personal experiences both on and off campus.

  • Food System Informatics

    The Food System Informatics program brings together academic, industry, and (non-)governmental organization to build transdisciplinary informatics frameworks for understanding and optimizing the food system.  

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