INFAS New Participant Application Process

INFAS welcomes members who:

You may also wish to review the INFAS Preamble to the Vision, Mission, and Equity in the Food System Statements.

Thanks to our endowment from the W.K. Kellogg foundation, membership is free. At a minimum, you will be added to the INFAS email list and become eligible to serve in on INFAS working groups (and, by extension, to serve on the governing Executive Committee) and collaborate on (or propose) special projects.

Questions? Contact our INFAS Coordinator.

Join by filling out this short form 

 Responsibilities and Expectations of INFAS Participants 

  1. Support the INFAS Vision and Equity in the Food System Statements.
  2. Incorporate the INFAS Mission statement and principles into your work
  3. Commit to connecting your work with others to effect change and share knowledge at local, regional, national, or international levels including with communities outside academia.
  4. Share resources from your place-based work into INFAS and take resources and share back to place-based community work. ‘Resources’ could be information, ideas, publications, or collaboration opportunities including for funding or other relevant activities.
  5. Commit time and resources (based on capacity) to participate in INFAS activities including convenings and related activities.
  6. Commit to honest Network communication and engagement, e.g. participating in discussions, contributing to activities etc. (based on capacity)
  7. Model and share best practices in campus/community relationships
  8. Be an ambassador for INFAS: cultivate relationships within INFAS and also connect this Network with other networks. Be willing to talk with new people about INFAS, invite more people to participate and share the Network’s commitments to equity in the food system and the pillars of sustainable agriculture and sustainable food systems: economic sustainability, social sustainability, and environmental sustainability.