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Project Team

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Current Team:


Thomas P. Tomich, Director, Agricultural Sustainability Institute, UC Davis (Project Director)

James F. Quinn, Director, Information Center for the Environment, UC Davis (Co-Director)

In-house researchers

    • Patrick Huber, Project Scientist, ASI & ICE
    • Allan Hollander, Project Analyst, ASI & ICE
    • Courtney Riggle, Agricultural Sustainability Institute, UC Davis (Project Manager)


Extended network:

    • Matthew Lange, Associate Director, Knowledge Engineering, UC Davis Health System
    • Nat Springer, Postdoctoral Researcher (University of Minnesota)
    • Duncan Temple-Lang, Director, Data Science Initiative, UC Davis
    • Nick Ulle, Graduate Researcher, Data Science Initiative, UC Davis

Former team members:


Sonja Brodt, Academic Coordinator, Agriculture, Resources and Environment portfolio, UC Agriculture Research and Education Program (Co-Director, Frameworks and Assessment)

Research and Facilitation

Postdoctoral Researchers:

  • Kelly Garbach
  • Kathleen Guillozet
  • Nat Springer

Professional Research Staff:

  • V. Ryan Haden
  • Christina Ingersoll
  • Emily Sin
  • Natasha Vidic

Graduate Researchers:

  • Melissa Schweisguth
  • Sara Snider
  • Jennifer Hebets, GSM
  • Prashant Hedao, Geography

Undergraduate Researchers/Interns:

  • Jennifer Kiko Barr
  • Megan Langner
  • Genevieve Lipari
  • Ashley Zavala
  • Feifan Yang


  • Yaser Mohammadi (Visiting Scholar-Iran)
  • Marina Piatto (Humphrey Fellow-Brazil)

Stakeholder Engagement Facilitators:

  • Nancy White
  • Mary Campbell
  • Amy Larkin
  • Duane Degler


Event Details


One Shields Drive
UC Davis
Davis, CA

(530) 752-3915