How We Work

The Agricultural Sustainability Institute employs a set of operational principles in everything we do.

Practicing Sustainability:

We strive to enact sustainability principles and practices in our own activities.


We set our priorities and design our programs in response to concerns and aspirations of stakeholders representing the diversity of California.


Responsiveness to stakeholders' needs -- the broad interest of society as well as needs of specific groups -- is key to the relevance of our initiatives and provides the necessary focus on real issues and opportunities.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional integrity and scientific vigor.

See our institute details at a glance and our expanded version operational principles here.


Our institute's work is guided by two advisory bodies

  • External Advisory Board: comprised of agricultural and food systems stakeholders from throughout California and intended to provide guidance on our priority setting, communication of our work, and growth opportunities.
  • Academic Advisory Committee: comprised of UC faculty and intended to review and make recommendations about the significance and scientific merit of our strategies, programs, and projects. The group also assists ASI in identifying current and emerging research, outreach, and teaching priorities and partners for ASI programs.

In addition, ASI projects usually have stakeholder advisory committees relevant to that particular work that help guide projects and establish partnerships.


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