Students and community members can volunteer with many of our programs. Volunteers have many of the same opportunities for farm- and garden-based opportunities that interns have, but do not receive academic credit. There is no minimum time commitment for volunteers. Our capacity for volunteers varies by program; see below for details.

Volunteering in the Market Garden

If you are interested in volunteering in the Market Garden, simply show up at the packing shed and let someone know you are a new volunteer. The Market Garden is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 12 pm throughout the school year and during the summer. There is no minimum time commitment required for Market Garden volunteers, and you do not need to come in on a regular schedule. No prior experience is necessary!

Volunteering in the Ecological Garden

Volunteer spots are more limited in the Ecological Garden. Though there is no minimum time commitment required for Ecological Garden volunteers, we do ask that you commit to a regular weekly schedule; hours of operation change each quarter. If you would like to volunteer in the Ecological Garden, please contact us

Volunteering with other Student Farm programs

We have limited capacity for volunteers with our other Student Farm programs. Please speak with farm staff or contact us if you are interested in volunteering with one of these programs.