Research & Special Projects


Think of something at the farm and the odds are pretty good that it was started by a student (or small group of them). These include some things that have lasted a long time (e.g. Market and Ecological Gardens, Kids in the Garden Program, vineyard, chicken coop, and the farm itself!) as well as lots of shorter term projects.  A few examples of the latter:

  • vegetable variety trials
  • beekeeping projects
  • special plantings of rare crops and other plant
  • designing and fabricating special tools
  • building and installing owl boxes

Students have also done lots of research at the farm. With fertile, organically managed soil, knowledgeable and supportive staff, and appropriate equipment, the farm has been an ideal place for students’ experiments over the years.  Some examples include:

  • biological control of insects
  • promotion of native pollinators
  • plant breeding for low input systems
  • ethnography of the Student Farm learning community
  • cover crop selection, management and impacts

One distinct feature of the Student Farm is that students conducting field research are encouraged and supported to participate directly in the management of the crops and systems that they are studying.

For information about applying to do research or a special project, please contact Katharina Ullmann.