Funding and Support

The Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI) at UC Davis is comprised of several units – the UC Davis Student Farm and the Russell Ranch Century Experiment.

ASI’s activities are guided by a shared mission and vision and strategic direction is provided through an External Advisory Board comprised of leaders from a wide range of differing fields, including farmers and ranchers; agricultural, environmental, and community organizations; food manufacturers and retailers; educators; policymakers; and the media. We follow core operational principles to ensure the sustainability, legitimacy, usefulness, and credibility of our actions. Read our 2017 Strategic Snapshot to obtain an overview of our strategic planning and main programmatic and communications activities.

Gifts of all sizes can help build and strengthen ASI programs: ASI has a large mandate and an ambitious mission. While we continue to have strong institutional support through the university, growing our external support through a variety of avenues will be critical for enabling ASI to fully realize our mission and vision. For example, philanthropic and grant support allows ASI to offer scholarships to deserving students, research more sustainable farming practices, offer trainings for educators implementing school gardens and for hospitals and other large institutions transitioning to using local, fresh produce, continue a 100-year agricultural sustainability experiment, and more.

Support the work of the Agricultural Sustainability Institute

ASI gratefully acknowledges contributions received since the launch of the Institute in 2006 and would like to extend our sincere gratitude to those who have provided support for our programs.