We currently collaborate with faculty in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, College of Letters and Science, College of Engineering, and the School of Education. We provide in-field experiential learning opportunities for UC Davis students to learn about sustainable agriculture, food systems, garden and farm-based learning, scale-appropriate sustainable technologies, and an opportunity to connect with culture, language and history through food. If you are a faculty member interested in collaborating with us, please contact us!

The Student Farm the following courses either through hosting farm tours, field activities, or plant materials. Starred (*) courses are led by Student Farm staff.

College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

ABT/IAD 142 Equipment and Technology for Small Farms

ABT 289A-001 D-Lab I: Energy, Agriculture and Development

CRD 20 Food Systems

ECL 216. Ecology and Agriculture

ENT100L General Entomology Lab

FYS-004-017 Examining the Arguments of the Local Food Movement

GEO 200 DN: Socio-Spatial Analysis

IAD 202 Analysis and Determinants of Farming Systems

PLP 120 Plant Pathology

PLP 205A. Diseases of Vegetable and Field Crops

PLS 1 Agriculture, Nature and Society

PLS 2 Botany and Physiology of Cultivated Plants

PLS 5 Plants for Garden, Orchard and Landscape

PLS 12 Plants and Society

PLS 15 Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture

PLS 49 Organic Crop Production Practices*

PLS 105 Concepts in Pest Management

PLS/IAD 160 Agroforestry: Global and Local Perspectives

PLS 170 A and B Fruit and Nut Cropping Systems

PLS 171 Principles and Practices of Plant Propagation

PLS 190 Seminar on Alternatives in Agriculture

PLS 193 Garden and Farm-Based Experiential Education Methods *

College of Letters and Science

CHI 110 Sociology of the Chicana/o Experience

CHI 113 Latin American Women's Engagement in Social Movements

CHI 198 Decolonizing Spirit

SOC 195 Farm to Fork: Food, Agriculture and Society in California, Israel and Palestine

College of Engineering

ENG 3 Engineering Design

School of Education

EDU 142 Introduction to Environmental Education

EDU 209 Image-based Field Research

EDU 307 Methods in Elementary Science Teaching