Faculty Collaborations

We currently collaborate with faculty in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, College of Letters and Science, College of Engineering, and the School of Education. We provide in-field experiential learning opportunities for UC Davis students to learn about sustainable agriculture, food systems, garden and farm-based learning, scale-appropriate sustainable technologies, and an opportunity to connect with culture, language and history through food. If you are a faculty member interested in collaborating with us, please contact us!

The Student Farm the following courses either through hosting farm tours, field activities, or plant materials. Starred (*) courses are led by Student Farm staff.

College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

ABT/IAD 142 Equipment and Technology for Small Farms

ABT 289A-001 D-Lab I: Energy, Agriculture and Development

CRD 20 Food Systems

ECL 216. Ecology and Agriculture

ENT100L General Entomology Lab

FYS-004-017 Examining the Arguments of the Local Food Movement

GEO 200 DN: Socio-Spatial Analysis

IAD 202 Analysis and Determinants of Farming Systems

PLP 120 Plant Pathology

PLP 205A. Diseases of Vegetable and Field Crops

PLS 1 Agriculture, Nature and Society

PLS 2 Botany and Physiology of Cultivated Plants

PLS 5 Plants for Garden, Orchard and Landscape

PLS 12 Plants and Society

PLS 15 Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture

PLS 49 Organic Crop Production Practices*

PLS 105 Concepts in Pest Management

PLS/IAD 160 Agroforestry: Global and Local Perspectives

PLS 170 A and B Fruit and Nut Cropping Systems

PLS 171 Principles and Practices of Plant Propagation

PLS 190 Seminar on Alternatives in Agriculture

PLS 193 Garden and Farm-Based Experiential Education Methods *

College of Letters and Science

CHI 110 Sociology of the Chicana/o Experience

CHI 113 Latin American Women's Engagement in Social Movements

CHI 198 Decolonizing Spirit

SOC 195 Farm to Fork: Food, Agriculture and Society in California, Israel and Palestine

College of Engineering

ENG 3 Engineering Design

School of Education

EDU 142 Introduction to Environmental Education

EDU 209 Image-based Field Research

EDU 307 Methods in Elementary Science Teaching