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Students and community members can volunteer at the Student Farm - our capacity for volunteers varies by program. We require a safety training which happens in the first week of the quarter. To get on the email list for volunteer opportunities sign up here


**UPDATE 12/12/2022: Winter Quarter internships are full. We will open spring quarter sign ups soon.

UC Davis students can earn academic credit for their work at the farm. Typically interns receive 1 to 3 units of credit depending on how much time they plan to spend at the farm; 30 hours of work earns students one unit. We encourage students to do a 2 unit internship. In addition to completing these hours, interns are required to complete reflective written work and check in regularly with an assigned mentor. Interns are encouraged to sign up well before the quarter begins. 

We offer internships in the following Student Farm programs:

  • Market Garden: interns learn about small-scale organic mixed vegetable production
  • Ecological Garden and Flower Project: interns learn about non-mechanized backyard gardening and small-scale sustainable flower production. Watch this video to learn more about the Eco Garden and Flower Project, and what you will do as an intern.
  • Fresh Focus: interns work to address student food insecurity and farm food loss
  • SCOPE: interns learn about plant breeding for organic systems. Watch this video to learn more about the SCOPE project. 

Learn more about the flow of our internship program here.


The Student Farm is currently hiring 2022-23 Lead Student Farmers. We are hiring for multiple positions in the Market Garden, Eco Garden, Flower Project, Fresh Focus, and SCOPE! Learn more and apply here! Applications due March 27, 2022.

We offer a number of student employment positions at the farm and aspire to these leadership values. Please visit our Employment page for more information on current and potential opportunities.

There are also a number of university courses that take place at the Student Farm, along with a number of research opportunities and special projects.

The Student Farm is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Students with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests are welcome and encouraged to become involved. No prior farming or gardening experience is required.

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Our introductory tours provide a great chance for those interested in getting involved at the farm to learn more about how they can participate in what we do. Typically, these tours take place during our Fall Welcome event on the second Tuesday of Fall Quarter.