University coursework at the Student Farm

A number of university courses are hosted at the Student Farm and are open to all UC Davis students. 

Sustainable Agriculture  

PLS 15 Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture

Spring quarter, 4 units, no prerequisites. Multidisciplinary introduction to agricultural sustainability with a natural sciences emphasis. Sustainability concepts and perspectives. Agricultural evolution, history, resources and functions. Diverse agricultural systems and practices and their relative sustainability. Laboratories provide direct experience with selected agricultural practices and systems.

PLS 49 Organic Crop Production Practices

Fall & Spring quarters, 3 units, no prerequisites. Principles and practices of organic production of annual crops. Including organic crops, soil, and pest management, cover cropping, composting, seeding, transplanting, irrigation, harvesting and marketing.

PLS 190 / IAD 290 Seminar on Alternatives in Agriculture

Winter Quarter, 1-2 units, no prerequisites. Seminar on topics related to alternative theories, practices and systems of agriculture and the relationship of agriculture to the environment and society. Scientific, technological, social, political and economic perspectives. May be repeated up to 2 time(s) for a total of three times.

Environmental and Agricultural Education

PLS 193 Garden and Farm-based Experiential Education Methods

Winter Quarter, 2 units, no prerequisites.  Upper division standing or consent of instructor. Methods of teaching children and youth about fruit and vegetable production and consumption. Lesson and activity planning for garden and farm field trips. Basic biology, ecology, plant science, and crop management practices. Mentorship in experiential learning. Preparation of garden site.

PLS 092/192 Field Work in Agricultural and Environmental Education

Spring quarter, 1-2 units, prerequisite of PLS 193, or consent of instructor. Leading children on Kids in the Garden Field Trips.