Students can earn academic credit for their work at the farm: 30 hours of work earns students one unit. In addition to completing these hours, interns are required to complete reflective written work and check in regularly with an assigned mentor. Interns are encouraged to sign up well before the quarter begins. 

We offer a number of opportunities across a wide variety of programs. You can find out more about these programs here

Types of Internships

General Internships

Students who are just starting out at the Student Farm are asked to sign up for a General Internship. This internship is designed to offer a broad array of experiences so that interns can become familiar with as many new activities as possible. General Interns are asked to complete and submit weekly journals, in which they are able to reflect on their experiences and pose any questions or concerns that come up for them. General Interns are also assigned a mentor, who will check in throughout the quarter to make sure that interns are able to fulfill the requirements of the internship.

Field Learning Demonstration Internships

Once students have completed one or two quarters as a general intern, they then have the option to participate in a Field Learning Demonstration or FLD internship. FLD interns identify a particular farm-related activity in which they would like to build competency, or a particular question they would like to find the answer to. They then spend the quarter working with their mentor and farm staff to learn more about the topic they have selected. FLD interns are asked to write an initial proposal and final report on their experience, and to put together a casual demonstration of what they have learned for their peers. Students may have an idea of what their FLD will focus on before the quarter begins, but are asked to identify their topic early in the quarter of their internship.

Specialized Internships

If students have completed a few quarters as General and FLD interns, they may identify a particular area of focus for a Specialized Internship. Students should discuss potential Specialized Internship opportunities with farm staff.