Matthew Bridges


Position Title
Undergraduate Student Representative

  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Matthew Bridges is a Junior transfer student at UC Davis, pursuing a degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, with a focus in Soil Science. As a collaborator with other students to plan the annual student-led Alternatives in Agriculture Seminar, Matthew is working to bring together students involved with food systems at UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Berkeley for a panel and workshop for future student connection and visioning. At the UCD Student Farm, Matthew is currently involved as a market garden intern, where his focus has been seed saving. After earning his A.S. in Biology from Diablo Valley College in 2016, Matthew embarked on a six week solo journey through the major ecological and social systems of Ecuador. After two weeks of living among an indigenous community of campesinos in the southern Amazon, Matthew realized the great importance of working directly with farmers and landowners who depend on the land. His mission is now to improve agrarian livelihoods through sustainable farming practices. Previous to attending community college, Matthew earned his Eagle Scout award after spending over one hundred and fifty nights hiking and camping in the wilderness, and leading  a community service project. After graduating, he is interested in eventually settling down on a piece of land, working abroad with farmers in Latin America, and serving his own communities by working as a soil scientist for the NRCS or other non-profit organizations.