Position Title
Vegetable Crops Farm Advisor

UC Cooperative Extension, Fresno County


Tom Turini is the vegetable crops Farm Advisor for Fresno County where he has served since 2007. His research and extension program addresses management of tomatoes, garlic, onions, melons and lettuce in large-scale agricultural operations in the county. A critical component of his program is diagnosis of production issues, which provides a service to clientele and helps to direct his program toward relevant issues. His research includes management of water and salinity in high yielding drip-irrigated processing tomatoes, evaluation of fate of herbicides in processing tomatoes under current production methods, and alternative nutritional regimes for processing tomato. His current work in the area of pest management include the study of site-specific methods of control of white rot of garlic and onion, Fusarium Wilt of lettuce management, powdery mildew of melon fungicide resistance management and means of controlling insect pests of tomato with lower risk materials. He is serving as UC liaison for the California Garlic and Onion Research Advisory Board. Prior to taking his current position, he served as the Imperial County Plant Pathology Advisor since 1999. He received both a BS and MS from California State University, Fresno in Plant Science.