The strength in the FSI comes from the network that sustains it, and we are always seeking to expand our network of partners and supporters.

We see three general ways for you to get involved:

Research Partnerships:  Our group would be pleased to discuss how we may partner in sustainability assessment, indicator identification and measurement, informatics, data discovery, linking, and management, usability and translation of information, and many other potential areas of interest.

Case Studies: We’re looking to develop case studies on particular commodities, geographic regions, and from specific user perspectives to both assess supply chain sustainability in these contexts and build out the usefulness of our tools and approaches.  

Support: Financial support for staff to do all of this work is the critical determinant for how fast we can make progress. We’d be pleased to discuss support for development of specific case studies, advancement of specific tools and/or research areas, and also general support for this research.

Please contact: FSI Co-Leads: Courtney Riggle or Patrick Huber to discuss any of these opportunities further.

We look forward to exploring opportunities for collaboration with you!