Prior support:

The Sustainable Sourcing project was launched through a series of major gifts from Mars, Incorporated as seed funding for the core framing and assessment work for the initiative, with the agreement that all project outputs would be public access.  

Additional funding support from Kraft Foods Group (which has since become part of the Kraft Heinz Company) enabled further development of the information platform and prototype tools.  Significant support for team members has also been received through use of research funds from the W. K. Kellogg Endowed Chair in Sustainable Food Systems and from USDA NIFA through the Hatch Funding program, which helps support the work of several key faculty members.  Myriad other sources support the many partners who have contributed their time in-kind to this initiative.  (See “partners” for a full list of our partners and team members.)

Looking forward:

The Sustainable Sourcing Initiative has become a solid information platform that we are keen to expand and leverage in multiple ways along both academic and practical dimensions.  To learn more about our work and how you can help support and partner with us, please contact: 

Courtney Riggle, Sustainable Sourcing Project Manager, Agricultural Sustainability Institute

Melissa Haworth, Major Gifts Officer for the Agricultural Sustainability Institute, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

We are particularly interested in partnering with those interested in case studies focused on specific commodities or production regions, broader sustainability strategy and decision-making processes, and also collaborating on informatics and data management opportunities.