Stakeholder involvement in the project design and testing is an integral part of ensuring the credibility and usefulness of our work.

Our stakeholder partners include:

Technical Advisory Committee - This team assesses our project design and tools with a broad range of expertise in global agricultural sustainability.

Stakeholder Participants - Representing the targeted users of the Sustainable Sourcing Platform, our stakeholders help design project objectives and give feedback on the usefulness of user interfaces.

Information Technology Participants – Coming from a variety of tech-focused industries, our IT participants help push the envelope with ways we can design and implement a complex platform of data and spatial analysis in a streamlined and accessible way.


Stakeholder Meetings

We hosted our first major stakeholder meeting in December, 2012 and  our first Information Technology meeting in August, 2013. Meeting reports, participant lists and other materials can be found here:

  • December 2012 stakeholder meeting
  • August 2013 IT meeting report and appendices

Continued Stakeholder Involvement

We will continue to involve a diverse group of stakeholders as the project moves forward.  We are looking for interested individuals and organizations who focus on environmental and social advocacy, development policy, or global food and agriculture supply chains to help inform our process and partner with as our work moves forward.