Institutional Partners

Information Center for the Environment at UC Davis (ICE)

  • ICE is our main partner at UC Davis, leading the technological components of the project and providing expertise in GIS and database development.

Mars, Inc.

  • Our first major funder, Mars actively collaborated in shaping and scoping the work, and continues as an engaged partner and supporter of the initiative.


World Food System Center at ETH Zurich

  • ETH Zurich and ASI are actively collaborating to integrate development of our sustainable sourcing tools and platforms with a deepened capacity for measuring and building resilience along agricultural value chains.  During 2015-2016, we have one staff member jointly-appointed within our 2 institutions, working in both California and Zurich, with a role to coordinate progress in our collaborative research and also helping build our joint-rapport with external partners.


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

  • In 2015, ASI and FAO signed a letter of collaboration to enable and promote cooperation around data and data management, particularly looking at our team working with some key FAO informatics partners on application and extension of semantic linkages for food and agricultural data to better inform global food and agricultural science policy.


Columbia University

  • ASI, more broadly, but particularly our Sustainable Sourcing team has formalized cooperation with the Agriculture and Food Security Center of the Earth Institute, Columbia University (AgCenter).  We plan to build out our cooperation on addressing the challenges of improving food system sustainability and food security globally, with particular emphasis on indicators and spatial data development.

Technical Advisory Committee

William Clark, JFK School of Government, Harvard University

Nancy Dickson, JFK School of Government, Harvard University

Jon Foley, Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota

Evan Girvetz, Global Climate Change Program, The Nature Conservancy; School of Environmental and Forest Services, University of Washington

Casey Hoy, Agroecosystems Management Program, Ohio State University

Ermias Kebreab, Animal Science Department, UC Davis

Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Systemwide Program on Collective Action & Property Rights (CAPRi), CGIAR

Dennis Ojima, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL), Colorado State University; Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment

Cheryl Palm, Earth Institute, Columbia University

Frank Place, World Agroforestry Centre, CGIAR

Isha Ray, Energy & Resources Group, UC Berkeley

Mark Rosegrant, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), CGIAR

Johan Six, Institute for Agricultural Sciences and World Food System Center, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

Stakeholder Participants

James Allan - Maplecroft

Mohamed Bakarr - Global Environmental Facility

Tashi Choden - Royal Government of Bhutan

Jason Clay - World Wildlife Fund USA

J. Ross Colbert - Rabobank International

Robin Connell - Del Monte

Mark Dean - University of Tennessee-Knoxville, (formerly IBM)

Kevin Franklin - Maplecroft

Carl Hausmann - Bunge

Andrew Hobday - Mars Incorporated (Departed Mars summer 2013)

Jonathan Jacoby - Oxfam America

A.G. Kawamura - Solutions from the Land; vegetable grower

Nigel Kirtley - Kraft Foods Group

Stewart Lindsay - Bunge

Monique Mikhail - Greenpeace International

Li Ninghui - Chinese Academy of Science

Patrick O'Toole - Family Farm Alliance; Livestock producer/Ladder Livestock

Julian Oram - Greenpeace International (Departed Greenpeace spring 2013)

Suzanne Ozment - World Resources Institute

Christina Pacheco - Sugarcane Growers Association of Capivari; sugarcane grower

Puon Penn - Wells Fargo

Marina Piatto - IMAFLORA

Janet Ranganathan - World Resources Institute

Steve Sakurai - Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation

Howard Shapiro - Mars Incorporated

Daniel Sonke - Campbell Soup Company

Dawn Wright - ESRI

IT participants

Jans Aasman, Franz, Inc

Stephen Abrams, California Digital Library, UCOP 

Robert Adams, UC Davis 

Susana Crespo, Esri 

Alex de Sherbinin, Columbia University 

Mark Dean, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 

Bertram Ludaescher, University of California Davis 

Tom Moritz, University of the West 

Dennis Ojima, Colorado State University; 

Cynthia Parr, Encyclopedia of Life

Puon Penn, Wells Fargo 

Paul Ross, Esri 

Daniel Sonke, Campbell Soup Company 

David Thau, Google 

Joshua Viers, University of California Merced 

Sri Vinay, Columbia University