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Kemper Hall, Room 1003


Part of the Industrial Ecology Winter Seminar Series

Brodt earned a master’s degree in international agricultural development at UC Davis in 1992, and followed that with a doctorate in geography in ’98, at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. She returned to UC Davis in 2001 to become a program evaluation specialist, and in early ’06 spent four months as a Fulbright Scholar in West Bengal, India. She then returned to UC Davis, where she rose to her currentposition in the summer of 2009. Her research focuses on issues related to the environmental and social sustainability of food production and procurement. Her work combines social science skills with a strong understanding of the biophysical parameters of agricultural production.

Major initiatives and projects during the past five years have included the California Nitrogen Assessment; the life-cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts of California food production and supply chains; the identification of global agricultural sustainability indicators; and the development of an integrated outreach approach combining new social networking tools with traditional extension methods, to communicate sustainable agriculture information to farmers and other stakeholders.