Elderberry Field Day: Planting Hedgerows for Additional Farm Sales

Blue elderberry

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The Cloverleaf Farm - Dixon, CA

Elderberry Field Day: Planting Hedgerows for Additional Farm Sales

UC SAREP / ASI and The Cloverleaf Farm present:

Exploring the ecological and value-added potential of elderberries


“Elderberries may have the potential to combine crop production with environmental conservation functions in a way not typically seen on California farms. This model would enable small- and medium-scale farmers to receive a direct income from a farm practice that benefits the ecosystem as well.” - Sonja Brodt, the project's principal researcher at UC SAREP

Native hedgerows on farm edges benefit wildlife, pest control, carbon storage and runoff, but hedgerow planting by farmers in California is limited, often due to establishment and maintenance costs. What if hedgerows could provide a source of farm income, to offset costs? 

Come learn how plants typically grown for hedgerows can also serve as a source of income. 

Together we will:

  • Tour on-farm hedgerows with elderberry plantings
  • Facilitate a value-added product discussion and demonstration
  • Present on ecological benefits and nutritional analysis

**No charge but registration is required



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