How will we manage nitrogen in California agriculture over the next 20 years?

This afternoon and all day Thursday, 30 leaders in agriculture from around the state will gather in conjunction with staff from the Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis to discuss this question in a scenarios exercise.

The workshop participants, who come from diverse backgrounds as scientists, farmers, dairymen, organic advocates and community activists, all represent groups and individuals who have a stake in how nitrogen is managed today and in the future.

As they gather together, they will imagine a variety of futures for California agriculture. This scenarios process is part of the California Nitrogen Assessment, an ASI project that aims to take a comprehensive and holistic look at the state of knowledge, practice and policy around nitrogen in California, and come up with policy-relevant results.

The scenarios created by the group of stakeholders today and tomorrow will play a key role in the assessment. They will be used to inform the analysis done by our scientists and the options presented in our final report.

Stay tuned for more details as the scenarios progress and the assessment moves forward!