The W.K. Kellogg Foundation Food and Community Conference brings together a nationwide group of inspiring food and farm leaders.

Over 600 visionaries and changemakers in the food and agriculture sectors have gathered in Chandler, Ariz. for the annual W.K. Kellogg Foundation Food and Community Conference. 

Attendees from the Agricultural Sustainability Institute include director Tom Tomich, ASI Food and Society Coordinator Gail Feenstra, and Postdoctoral fellow Damian Parr. While here, ASI staff are attending workshops led by leaders discussing topics as diverse as connecting academic research with creating sustainable food systems to how to fund economic development of businesses that support healthful foods to how Native communities are working towards food sovereignty on their lands. 

The conference started Tuesday evening, but today's the big day -- full of panels, workshops, live twitter feeds, and conversations with some great movers and shakers in the food and agriculture community. Stay tuned to the ASI at UC Davis Twitter feed for live updates. We'll also be posting video clips from the conference.