The Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI) at UC Davis invites you to join us for:


Food Justice: An Emerging Movement Takes Root
A talk by Robert Gottlieb
Co-author, Food Justice
Director, Urban and Environmental Policy Institute; Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy, Occidental College

When: 4:10-5 pm, Thursday, February 3, 2011
Where: PES 3001, on the UC Davis campus

Robert Gottlieb


The talk is free and open to the public; copies of Gottlieb’s book Food Justice will be on sale.

About the talk: In today’s food system, farm workers may face hazardous conditions, low-income neighborhoods lack supermarkets but abound in fast food franchises, and food products sometimes resemble more of a high calorie chemical mash than a wholesome and healthful product. In opposition to these conditions, a movement for food justice has emerged, which seeks to transform our food system from field to table. Robert Gottlieb, co-author of the new book, Food Justice, will talk about the dynamic food justice groups and organizing efforts, the emerging new politics around food, and the efforts to transform the very language and understanding about food, from how food is grown to why eating has become a political act.

Speaker Bio: Robert Gottlieb is Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Director of the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute at Occidental College. He is the author of a dozen books, including Food Justice (with Anupama Joshi, MIT Press), Reinventing Los Angeles: Nature and Community in the Global City (MIT Press), and Forcing the Spring: The Transformation of the American Environmental Movement (Island Press). He is the editor of two series from MIT Press: Urban and Industrial Environments, and Food, Health, and Environment, and is a long-time social and environmental justice activist and historian of social movements.

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