Ken Cassman's research aims to answer a fundamental question for the future of agricultural sustainability: How can we meet increasing global demand for food while protecting environmental quality and natural resources for future generations?

Ken Cassman,agronomist at the University of Nebraska

Cassman, an agronomist at the University of Nebraska and director of the Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research, will give a talk this Wednesday, June 23, at UC Davis.

Cassman's Wednesday seminar, entitled "Indigenous Soil Nitrogen Supply: the Foundation of Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Crop Agriculture," focuses on supplies of nitrogen indigenous to soil, and how they impact agricultural productivity.

The event will be held from 12-1 p.m. in the Mee Room at the Memorial Union on the UC Davis campus. Cassman will also be available to meet with some faculty and students on Wednesday by appointment.

Contact Karen Curley, kacurley at ucdavis dot edu for more information.