ASI and SAREP staff and affiliated UC Davis faculty have recently published two new articles in the Annual Review of Environment and Resources. 

The Annual Review of Environment and Resources provides a complimentary one-time access to each article as a PDF, downloadable from their website. 

Agroecology: A Review from a Global-Change Perspective
Tom Tomich, Sonja Brodt, Kate Scow, and affiliated UC Davis faculty formed a multidisciplinary team to map key components of agroecology.  The article conceptualizes the future of agroecology as a discipline and seeks to identify forward-looking scientific questions to enhance the relevance of agroecology for the key challenges of mitigating environmental impacts of agriculture while dramatically increasing global food production, improving livelihoods, and thereby reducing chronic hunger and malnutrition over the coming decades.

Energy Intensity of Agriculture and Food Systems
SAREP's Sonja Brodt is a contributing author for a new article in the Annual Review of Environment and Resources.  The relationships between energy use in food systems, food system productivity, and energy resource constraints are complex. Moreover, ongoing changes in food production and consumption norms concurrent with urbanization, globalization, and demographic changes underscore the importance of energy use in food systems as a food security concern. The article reviews the current state of knowledge with respect to the energy intensity of agriculture and food systems and highlights key drivers and trends in food system energy use along with opportunities for and constraints on improved efficiencies.