Sustainable farming study produces more than research results

dried tomatoes

Adding to a growing list of campus-produced products, Russell Ranch introduced a new UC Davis product today -- Russell Ranch Dried Tomatoes.

Today, in celebration of the new product, Gunrock Pub is offering an appetizer that includes the organically grown, locally dried tomatoes as a gift from the chef with purchase of an entree. 

Also, Tuesday, Nov. 29, Russell Ranch will host a tasting at the UC Davis Bookstore from noon to 2 p.m.

Russell Ranch Dried Tomatoes are grown at UC Davis' Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility, a 300 acre farm west of campus.  The organically grown tomatoes are part of a century-long study of agricultural sustainability at the ranch that compares the long-term effects of different ways of farming.

After years of selling tomatoes off campus, Russell Ranch staff began working with UC Davis Dining Services as it sought more sources of locally grown food in order to reduce the carbon footprint of food served on campus.  For the past two years, freshly harvested Russell Ranch tomatoes have been used in the Russell Ranch Roasted Tomato Sauce that accompanies a variety of dishes - from pizza to polenta and ratatouille - served on campus. 

This year, Russell Ranch staff developed a new limited-quantity product that can be enjoyed on and off campus.

Russell Ranch Dried Tomatoes are also available at the Memorial Union Coffeehouse, the UC Davis Medical Center and for purchase through the UC Davis Bookstore.

$4 for a 2.75 oz bag
$12 for a 9.75 ox bag

Visit the Russell Ranch Dried Tomatoes site and ASI newsroom for more information.