UC Davis students: A group of students from several undergraduate majors and graduate programs are working with Student Farm Director Mark Van Horn to coordinate the annual seminar on alternatives in agriculture for the Winter 2011 quarter.

Course Announcement - Winter 2011
Alternatives in Agriculture Seminar Series (PLS 190 – IAD 290)
The Winter 2011 Alternatives in Agriculture Seminar will explore diverse aspects of, and perspectives on, agricultural and food systems, with a focus on alternative approaches. We will hear from farmers, community organizers, researchers, educators and others who will describe their work and tell their stories, and we will look for common themes in their situations, efforts, successes and challenges.
We will examine a number of topics related to themes such as:

  • Opportunities and challenges for beginning and small scale farmers
  • Issues relevant to both rural and urban populations such as food shed assessments, farm-to-school programs and urban agriculture projects
  • Ecosystem services in agriculture and on-farm habitat: benefits, incentives, and conflicts and other interaction related to food safety, sustainability, and nutritional quality issues

The course format will include presentations by guest speakers, panel discussions and student led discussions. 
Tuesdays 4:10 to 6:00, 101 Bowley

Registration information:
Undergraduates: enroll in PLS 190 (sec 1)       CRN 37805
Graduates:  enroll in IAD 290 (sec 1)     CRN 28865
This course is graded P/NP (PLS 190) or S/U (IAD 290)
For information, contact: Mark Van Horn, mxvanhorn@ucdavis.edu, (530) 752-7645