ASI director Tom Tomich and Food Systems Coordinator Gail Feenstra will be facilitating a course on food systems analysis for the winter 2010 quarter. Here is some information about the course.

Food Systems Analysis
Winter Quarter 2011
Mondays 2-5pm in 27 Wellman Hall

CRNs for graduate students
CRD 289: 17817 (letter grade evaluation) 
GGG 289: 44477 (S/U evaluation)
IAD 298: 28894 (S/U evaluation)
CRN for undergraduates:
CRD 198: 17817 (letter grade evaluation)
(Note: undergraduates must seek instructor permission prior to registration)

Description: This food system analysis course links the conceptual and practical considerations of system analysis and develop a base of resources and tools for emerging practitioners. We will explore the process of food system assessment with an emphasis on:

  • Analyzing the relationships among the environment, food supply, markets, American diets and the health of consumers and critically explore the influences on those relationships in the food system.
  • Reviewing various conceptual frameworks for analyzing the food system from different perspectives.
  • Comparing and contrasting different methods for analyzing the sustainability of different food system sectors.
  • Identifying key leverage points in the food system and how they might be influenced to affect positive change.
  • The course format will include student-led discussion, guest presentations and panels, and will highlight developing the practical skills to conduct a food systems assessment.

To develop their own tools for analysis, students will select and critically analyze one regional food system assessment in the US and then build on the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in the existing approach to outline a design for a food system assessment in Yolo County. The course will be co-facilitated by faculty members Tom Tomich and Gail Feenstra.

Enrollment details: This course is offered for enrollment through Community Development (evaluated with letter grades as required by the department for elective credits) as well as the Geography Graduate Group and International Agricultural Development (evaluated as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory). Undergraduates should seek instructor permission prior to registration.

For additional information please contact: Kelly Garbach,