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Data in Context 

We are data driven! 

At The Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility, we collect data on everything we do.  Our regular data collection includes water and fertilizer inputs, yield, weather events, pest pressure, soil microbiology, energy use, and more. Every ten years, we take deep soil samples of every plot at Russell Ranch to learn about agriculture's affect on soils all the way to three meters deep. Our data is publicly accessible, and is a growing resource for researchers.

How we look at data 

Our available data includes:

Long-term Data Sets

This data includes information collected since 1993 for tomato, corn, and wheat.  To access the long-term data sets, contact Nicole E. Tautges

Soil Sample Archives

The Russell Ranch archives contains samples of each crop and soil from every system from 1993 to present and are accessible on site at Russell Ranch.

Operational Data

We measure tractor passes, fuel use, and labor requirements for each of our different systems.  Searchable operational data is coming soon.

Submit your data

Researchers and UC Faculty conducting research at Russell Ranch are asked to submit their data to share with the research community.  We are creating an easy way to submit data online.  Currently, data should be submitted to Kate Scow.