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Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility

Increasing Farm Resilience Through Healthy Soils and Water Management

This year's Annual Field Day at the UC Davis Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility will focus on relationships among water management, fertility management, soil health and soil biology. 

Register for Field Day and view the full agenda at: https://registration.ucdavis.edu/Item/Details/419 

About Field Day

Since 1994, the Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility has hosted an Annual Field Day to share research findings related to pressing topics in California agriculture. The field day will feature tours of 12 row crop farming systems managed in different ways. Topics covered include:

  • longterm management impacts on soil carbon sequestration and soil health
  • effects of manure, cover crops and biochar on soil carbon and architecture
  • impacts of drip vs. furrow-irrigation on soil health and microbial communities
  • deficit irrigation effects on tomato yield and quality and soil properties
  • and many more...