INFAS Member Awards:

This year (2021) the INFAS executive committee launched the first awards program to recognize and honor INFAS members who've gone above and beyond in contributing to INFAS and our mission. For the inaugural year the executive committee identified and selected candidates and in future years INFAS will solicit award nominations from its members. Award recipients received an gift and stipend for their dedicated efforts. 


  • INFAS Overall Impact Award - awarded to an INFAS member who has contributed significantly and consistently to INFAS’ overall impact and development over years.

          2021 Award Recipient: Dr. Joanna Friesner


  • INFAS Stepping Up Award - awarded to an INFAS member who has made significant contributions to an INFAS project or program in the previous year. 

            Award Recipient: Dr. Lesli Hoey 


  • INFAS Committee Service Award - awarded to an INFAS member who has contributed exceptionally to their working group over the previous year.

            Award Recipient: Dr. Elizabeth Hoover