INFAS provides continuing support to a network of scholars representing institutions and organizations committed to the development and support of food and agricultural systems that sustain the health of people, society and the natural environment.  

INFAS enables scholars to engage more effectively with local communities, advocacy groups, and policy makers in order to forge collaborative solution across regions, universities, institutions, citizen scholars, and urban and rural communities with highly vulnerable populations to improve food system sustainability, public awareness and policy for the common good.  

The Kellogg endowment creates permanent institutional capacity within INFAS for collaborative, critical analyses of programs and policies to accelerate the transition to food system sustainability and social justice.  INFAS other activities provide cohesion among participants that supports these larger objectives.

INFAS-led & INFAS-involved Activities

September 2019:  "The Importance of Vision in Food System Transformation" authored by Molly Anderson, INFAS member.

September 2019: WEBINAR: "Food Sovereignty and the Role of Extension: Partnerships that Work", hosted by Rich Pirog, INFAS member, featuring Janie Simms Hipp, Jennifer K. Gauthier, Brian Kowalkowski.

July 2019: WEBINAR: "Measuring Racial Equity in the Food System Webinar: Established and Suggested Metrics", hosted by Rich Pirog, INFAS member, featuring Kathryn Colasanti, Joann Lo, Lindsey Lunsford, and Renee Wallace.

July 2019: INFAS WEBINAR: "Structural Racism in the Food System: Perspectives from Black Women Scholars", hosted by Joanna Friesner, INFAS Coordinator, featuring Kimberly N. Carr, Monyai Chavers, and Lindsey Lunsford, INFAS Graduate Fellows.

February  2018:  A deeper Challenge of Change: The role of land-grant universities in assessing and ending structural racism in the US food system. An INFAS supplement to the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities’ The Challenge of Change: Harnessing University Discovery, Engagement, and Learning to Achieve Food and Nutrition Security report.

[PDF] version of Deeper Challenge of Change INFAS report

An Annotated Bibliography on Structural Racism Present in the U.S. Food System: New Editions, updated regularly; To share feedback or suggest a resource for the next edition of this publication, please contact Rich Pirog at

-->New! All entries in the annotated bibliography are now available in Zotero, a free software that lets users easily save, manage, and cite sources. The Zotero library for the annotated bibliography is available at:

April 2016: INFAS-sponsored special JAFSCD issue (Labor in the Food System from Farm to Table) 

Labor in the Food System: A View from INFAS, by Joanna Friesner (INFAS National Network Coordinator) and INFAS members

April 2016: Labor in the Food System, from Farm to Table by Patricia Allen, INFAS member. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

July 2013: "Economic impacts of local food systems: Future research priorities", co-authored by by Rich Pirog, INFAS member. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 

August 2013: "Food Webs and Food Sovereignty: Research Agenda for Sustainability," co-authored by by Michelle Miller, Charles Francis, Molly Anderson, Nancy Creamer, and Michelle Wander, INFAS members. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

September 2013: “Critical Research Needs for Successful Food Systems Adaptation to Climate Change  co-authored by by Michelle Miller, and Molly Anderson, INFAS members. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development