SCOPE Organic Plant Breeding Project grows its impact

UC Davis’ student-led program in organic farming will expand to include new crops and new partners, with the aim of exporting its educational the model to other institutions. The expansion is being funded with a $2-million grant from the Organic Research and Extension Initiative, part of the United States Department of Agriculture.

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You are here: Updating the Student Farm Map

Working with UCD's talented Kelly Nishimura and the entire Student Farm community, Ecological Garden Lead Julia Schreiber has been talking to staff, students and community members to update the map that welcomes people. Sitting near the corner of Extension Center Drive and Orchard Park Drive, the current map started out beautiful and has gotten more beautiful, but less readable, with age.

New Report: California Famers' Online Sales & Marketing During COVID19

In this new report we highlight findings from a survey, interviews and participant observation with direct market farmers and technical assistant providers in California. We found that online technologies were an important tool for overcoming the disruptions caused by the pandemic. However, many farmers lacked the appropriate resources to use these tools. We argue that farmers need reliable access to the internet, financial support, and training to access and benefit from online sales and marketing.

Fresh Focus Spring Impact Report

The team got summer crops in the ground, helped convene food security partners from across campus, and expanded our impact through activities like the Whole Earth Festival and harvesting fruit from Plant Sciences teaching orchards. Read highlights from Spring Quarter activities and learn more about the dedicated team of Lead Student Farmers, Student Farm interns, and staff, as well as a Partner Spotlight on the Ecological Garden.

Queer Flower Garden at the UC Davis Student Farm

Flowers, like all of our more than human kin, remind us that there are so many gorgeous ways to exist in nature." - Kait Murray

In this video documentary produced by Jael Mackendorf and the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, learn about the significance of a beautiful flower bed that students created at the UC Davis Ecological Garden. Flowers showcase the beauty of nature, the community’s vibrant diversity and is a testament to the power of unity, love and acceptance.

Student Farm Stories

The Student Farm's historic Field House has seen many things. It stores binders of activities and signup sheets for our Kids in the Garden program, hosts hundreds of conversations between students and staff, and is home to tools, farm materials, sign boards, silk screen supplies, a freedge, and much more.