Read about our work in student experiential learning, helping build market opportunities for small farmers, and long term agricultural research in the current issue of California Agriculture

In 2014, UC President Janet Nopalitano launched the UC Global Food Initiative with a goal we believe in strongly at the Agricultural Sustainability Institute. Nopalitano describes her goal of the GFI to "harness the university's vast resources and expertise to find...innovative, scalable solutions to food-related problems in the world." 

We have been grateful to receive funding from the UC Global Food Initiative for the past several years to strengthen the work across our programs.  And we are excited to be part of the current issue of California Agriculture to share some of our work to build a healthier food system.

Our work spans the state and a variety of stakeholders - from building experiential education resources across the UC, to helping Food Hubs strengthen our local food systems, to long-term research into how agricultural management can become more sustainable.  We know that sustainability doesn't just happen in the lab, or with a single crop, but across landscapes, through learning and discussion, and by challenging ourselves to do better.  

You can read about some of our work in these articles: 

In addition, faculty affiliates of the Agricultural Sustainability Institute contributed to the following articles: