RMI Forum - EG Video Kick-off

Student Farm Stories

RMI Forum showcases 3 graduating student leaders

The Student Farm's historic Field House has seen many things. It stores binders of activities and signup sheets for our Kids in the Garden program, hosts hundreds of conversations between students and staff, and is home to tools, farm materials, sign boards, silk screen supplies, a freedge, and much more. 

Last week,  the Robert Mondavi Institute took command of the Field House to host a conversation between RMI Director Andy Waterhouse, three lead student farmers - Wendy Martinez Castaneda, Jesus Trujillo, and Marcy Cathcart - and Student Farm Director Colin Dixon. With audience members both online and in person, students talked about what brought them to the Student Farm, what they've done here, and how it's influenced them. The event also featured beautiful short films by videographer Jael Mackendorf, highlighting three of the Student Farm's core programs, the Market Garden, Ecological Garden, and Fresh Focus. 

The Forum was recorded, with student stories beginning here: https://youtu.be/NiVMR0pni-o?t=600

Many thanks to RMI and College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences for making it happen!

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