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Give the gift of sustainability this holiday season

October 23, 2007
Harold McClarty wants to feed the world while teaching his grandson about the importance of giving back.

by Courtney S. Miller

While many grandparents will be giving a bike or doll to their grandkids this holiday season, Harold McClarty is giving his grandson, Reed, a more unusual gift.

Friends of the Student Farm Potluck

October 23, 2007

Friends of the Student Farm Potluck Party
Wednesday, September 29th
6:00 pm
Picnic tables at the Student Farm Ecological Garden

Start off the fall with a big dinner gathering with friends of the Student Farm. Come talk about upcoming events in sustainable agriculture, share summer experiences and exciting plans for the year.

There will also be a Student Farm orientation and farm tour taking place!

Food Systems Literature and Research in One Easy to Navgate Location

October 23, 2007

Community food systems are gaining attention nationwide as an important way to create links between farmers, consumers and communities in particular regions.  A recently released bibliography created by researchers with the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis documents the growing interest in community food systems, focusing mostly on analyses of food-related activities and trends within the United States.

Food Justice: An Emerging Movement Takes Root

October 23, 2007

The Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI) at UC Davis invites you to join us for:


Food Justice: An Emerging Movement Takes Root
A talk by Robert Gottlieb
Co-author, Food Justice
Director, Urban and Environmental Policy Institute; Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy, Occidental College

When: 4:10-5 pm, Thursday, February 3, 2011
Where: PES 3001, on the UC Davis campus


Farm to Fork

October 19, 2007

ASI is participating in several farm-to-fork and Food Day events this fall, including the Davis Chamber of Commerce Ag Economy luncheon which will feature broccoli seedlings grown by UC Davis Student Farm students.

The broccoli seedlings the Student Farm is sharing with the Davis Chamber of Commerce are one example of the sort of hands-on education students receive at the Student Farm, which is a program of the Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI) at UC Davis

Learn more about the UC Davis Student Farm.

ASI Seeks to Fill Two Postdoc Positions

October 19, 2007

The Agricultural Sustainability Institute, with the support of Mars, Inc, is launching a new initiative to improve the sustainability of global agricultural raw materials sourcing, with particular emphasis on key commodities.  The institute is searching for two postdoctoral researchers to assist in this endeavor.

Find out more about the positions.